How To Teach Candy’s 4Way Systematic Phonics – Parental Instructional eBook



The first step in teaching your child to read is to pick the correct method.  The best reading system, the most tried and true reading system, the reading system that has worked for centuries is the intensive phonics reading system, also called systematic phonics or phonics first.  Intensive Phonics is a simplified reading science that deals with learning to read by hearing and distinguishing speech sounds (phonemes) within words and by mastering the art of pronouncing those sounds recorded in printed form (phonograms).    For the English language, phonics can also be broken down even further into the method that taught little Candy to read back in the 50’s.  At Candy 4WAY Phonics Publications we refer to that method as the Intensive 4WAY Phonics System of Reading. In this Parental Instruction Manual, Carol Kay has written, in detail, all of the ins and outs on how to teach your child to read phonetically!  It’s tried. It’s true. It’s easy. IT WORKS!


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