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In the spring of 2009, Carolyn Kay McFadden began marketing the Candy 4WAY Phonics Curriculum.  It is a complete, systematic, explicit, extremely affordable phonics curriculum sold as an instant download with printing rights for your personal use. 

Since then, the team of Candy 4WAY Phonics has been proud to be part of hundreds of families around the world who have used our products to successfully teach so many children how to read phonetically!

In 2019, Carolyn and her oldest daughter, Shannon, decided a change was needed in order to make Candy 4WAY Phonics even easier to teach, while keeping it affordable for parents all over the world who desire to teach their children to read phonetically. We are now introducing an updated edition of the main eBook, along with a new website that explains our products (all clearly priced and made immediately accessible).

Candy 4WAY Phonics offers a complete phonics reading curriculum for K-4 through 4th grade as well as a preschool phonics program package, multisensory flashcards/wallcards, rhyming lifetime phonics charts, PDF phonics file folder games and more.


Kaylee and Michaela

Our hottest selling product is the Candy 4WAY Phonics Program, a COMPLETE step-by-step, easy-to-teach course of explicit phonics reading instruction (taylored specifically for parents) which sells as an instant download for just $34.95 and includes the following:

100 daily phonics lessons

multisensory vowel helps

rhyming flashcards and charts

phonics sequenced readers

continuous phonics drill and so much more.

In addition, even more instant download products are now available for purchase from our “Candy Store” that will aid you in anything you need to successfully teach any child to read phonetically, a dire skill needed in order to be successful in whatever future career your student chooses.

In our GED Store, you will also find products like editable lesson plan sheets, planner ideas and downloads, and periodic drop-in products as they are created that can help your daily educating life become easier, more organized and above all, MORE FUN!

Shannon Gardner & her mother, Carol Kay

What are Candy 4WAY Phonics materials based upon and why are our phonics/reading products leaps and bounds ahead of other reading programs?

The answer is simple. Unlike the “implicit” phonics method used in today’s public school classrooms (a method that teaches whole-word memorization and GUESSING at words that has left our nation with 40 to 60 percent of its students unable to read at grade level) Candy 4WAY Phonics uses an “explicit” phonics method which builds from part to whole, beginning with instruction on letters (graphemes) and their associated sounds/blends (phonemes).

Explicit phonics instruction provides parents and students with easy-to-follow, step-by-step lessons that teach students (and parents) to easily “sound out” new and unfamiliar words FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

In addition, we offer a BlogSpot with “Carol’s Corner,” loaded with tons of ideas, information, tips & tricks on education & resources, which is just one more way we’re getting the word out to parents across the country of our UPDATED versions of Candy 4WAY Phonics products. It’s the SAME GREAT QUALITY, with a WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE!

We owe our success for our latest updates to our Candy 4WAY Phonics curriculum team lead by Carolyn’s oldest daughter, Shannon, co-owner of MSG Painting & Construction (MSG PC) as well as the owner of Gardner Education & Consultations (GED & Co). Shannon has spent over 15 years as a successful business owner, entrepreneur, wife, and homeschooling mother.

GED & Co. specializes in educating and consulting with parents, teachers, and business owners regarding curriculum choices, child screening, balancing homeschooling while working in or outside the home, business marketing, graphic design, lesson planning ideas and more.

GED & Co. will work with your child in person or virtually to help you evaluate where each of your children are in their educational path and to help you with a plan of action for your child’s future success in school and/or business.

GED & Co. will also consult with your small business or company to bring you the best ways to market your business with greater success and less pocketbook costs depending on your trade, industry, or location.

The Team at GED & Co is here to “Encourage Confidence, Not Guesswork.”

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our products, and don’t forget to check in often to “The BlogSpot” for our Candy 4WAY Phonics reading updates as well as editions of our BRAND NEW homeschooling newsletter entitled CANDY’S NUGGETS which supplies even more reading tips and resources from Carolyn & the Team!

We look forward to hearing from you!