The Truth behind Candy 4way phonics




ONCE upon a time there lived a little girl by the name of Candy. (The real names in this story have not been used in order to protect Candy). When Candy entered the first grade, her parents were excited because they hoped that their little girl would soon learn to read. Their dream was that Candy would learn to read and would enjoy reading!

When she was small, Candy’s mother had learned to read by sounding and blending letters and by learning reading rules in:

short vowels and long vowels,

consonants and consonant blends,

consonant digraphs and  vowel digraphs,

diphthongs, and word families.

Candy’s mother assumed that her little girl would also learn to read using this same phonics method. However, she soon discovered that other methods of reading instruction had now replaced the “old” phonics method used in her day. 

As time progressed, Candy’s reading skills did not develop.  Soon, Candy was sent away to a little white cottage behind her school to learn to read using the “old-style” phonics methods.

Of course, that was the best thing that could have happened to Candy.  When she left her regular reading group to attend her new phonics reading lessons, Candy was the worst reader in her regular reading group.  However, when she returned to her regular reading group just six months later, Candy soon discovered that she had become the best reader in her reading group.

Why?  The change in Candy’s reading ability happened because Candy’s phonetic reading teacher had used a strict Intensive 4WAY Phonics reading method.

Today, years later, Candy can read every magazine, newspaper, book, program, menu, job application, driver’s license test etc. placed in front of her.  Candy does not struggle to read.  In fact, Candy often reads simply for the sheer enjoyment of reading.   There isn’t any English word that Candy cannot read.  However, as exciting as Candy’s story is, this is what’s exciting today: Candy learned to read, and your child can learn to read, too!

However, your child will need to use a tried and true reading system, and he will need a reading teacher who intensely and emotionally cares about his reading progress. That means that your child needs you as his reading teacher.  Your little one does not need a village or a certified teacher to learn to read.  Your child just needs a mom (or a dad) who is willing to become a fellow learner with their child.