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Reading to Learn Always begins with learning to read phonetically

Make your Child an expert Reader with Candy 4Way Phonics

  1. Linguistic Phonics
  2. Synthetic Phonics
  3. Analytic Phonics
  4. R’s & A: A touch of Rhyme, Rhythm and Alliteration

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Visual Learning

100 Colored Lessons


Audio Learning

Audible Reading Tools

Learning Aids

Alphabets & Flash Cards


What People Are Saying About Candy 4way phonics

“Candy 4Way Phonics is fun and easy. We are just getting started and my daughter loves it. It is so neat that she is learning so fast. Soon she will be able to really read. It was so affordable. I can’t believe she doesn’t charge more for this. How can you not even try it? Thanks to the person who made Candy 4Way Phonics!”

Lisa (Humble, TX)

“The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program is one step at a time instruction and fun and easy for your child to use on a daily basis. When the author advertises that your child will learn to read every word on every page, she isn’t exaggerating. Sounds too good to be true, but it is true! I will be using it for all of my children. The price is fantastic! You get everything for that price to carry your child from 4 years old all the way through a 4th grade reading level. You get an 82-page Instruction Book on how to teach systematic phonics. You also get an instruction book for how to follow the curriculum which includes: charts, daily lessons, readers, drill sheets and lifetime phonics charts that rhyme. It has everything you’ll ever need to teach your child to read. It really is step-by-step instruction. Highly Recommend!”

Marie (Grand Blanc, MI)

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